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Saturday, November 19th, 2016 - Ford
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Fusion has been recently updated with model year 2017. This includes a new engine option and two new trim levels. However, the changes are not as great as we expected and it seems that the car could be greatly renovated 2018 Ford Fusion. Many changes under the skin should get a new range of engines, as well. Some say it may even be the first Ford sedan to go with a full aluminum body, but at this stage it is unlikely. We expect an update to the platform with a CD4 updated. In addition, new engines and new equipment operation should probably make the 2018 model a little better to drive.

However, while the car is more than likely going to be published in early 2018, Ford, do not throw anything into it. We do not know why but we think the changes are quite spectacular and will do an amazing car safely. Many have said that the design of the front wheel would be dropped. Why? Well, it would allow Ford Fusion move upscale. However, we believe they will not. Instead, you use a new modular front wheel drive platform. This should use materials such as aluminum, high strength steel and even compounds in certain regions. The end result should be at least 50% more stiffness and less weight. The size of the current model is right, so it makes sense to change the 2018 Ford Fusion. However, its overall proportions will be updated permanently. Expect a slightly less bulky design and inspired more cut look.

All competitors have managed to be good enough in terms of interior space without sacrificing the look and this should be the case with the next Fusion. Some have suggested that the car can take some of the Ford GT, but it is unlikely. Instead, you should have much more in common with the Fiesta future. This will also be the case in your cabin. As mentioned above, even if it will have a lower ceiling, probably raked, the new 2018 Ford Fusion should easily be as comfortable as before. In addition, the design will not be as smooth. Instead, the car can take note of its German competitors and the end result could be exceptional. The quality of materials and construction quality is also pretty improving the current generation lacks this.

One of the worst things about the current model was based on 2.5 liters. We are pleased to announce that 2018 Ford Fusion is very likely that you will not get it. Instead, it is expected that the 1.5 liter older standard go EcoBoost. And for the first time in the US market for this model, a 6-speed manual could be added to the mixture. With almost 180 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque that should not be left out. Further up the beach, we can see the 2-liter turbocharged EcoBoost two different power levels. A version of 210 basis horses could be added to the mix with a focus on energy efficiency. A version with 245 horsepower, which can be present, will also be available. The car of the Sport edition is likely to continue with its 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 with 325 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. This will be the only one that comes with all-wheel drive as standard. The other will be available with the same optional system. It is expected that the automatic 6-speed old is abandoned in favor of a 9-speed unit.

With its great looks and performance, the release date 2018 Ford Fusion is scheduled to be released in late 2017. The new generation of car is set to undergo strong competition in its class. Currently, the new Ford has been ranked among the ranks of $ 22500-36000 $ based on new rumors of price.

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