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Friday, August 11th, 2017 - Ferrari
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The new Ferrari sedan 2018 Ferrari F12, is supposed to be launched in 2017, most likely in the fourth quarter. The new model will be launched just a facelift. However, significant improvements will increase your love for the car. Since its launch in 2012, the 2018 Ferrari F12 has always been the talk of the market. It is expected that the new version has improved performance and prospects. Let’s most likely invite the improvement of the place in the aerodynamics, the power and the steering wheel. The car will also have improved with the “virtual wheel base” agility. In addition, the possibilities of the new model to get a table screen are very high.

From the outside, the new 2018 Ferrari F12 looks really much more sporting and stylish than it was. However, most changes are certainly not enough to merit special mention. Or rather, the rumors have been so rare that people do not dare to approach the subject. Those who are mainly concerned with the unique red plan, elegant body and a lot of CO2 fibers that made it even lighter and much more achievable. However, the roofline is less than what we are used to, and the fascia on the front is covered by the new grille and bumper. Within the background, there could be a number of improvements, but the rear lights and a new diffuser.

Regarding the interior, the 2018 Ferrari F12 is really not much different from the previous model. Because the ceiling is lower, inside the room, it will not be what it was, while what is slightly offset by several other features; Above all, it is every important supply a high quality would be to anticipate a car of that brand. What really spoiled rumors about a double cabin structure, which should make travel much more manageable and enjoyable. The steering wheel is almost smaller, but it is big enough yet for its new inflatable cushion. The info-entertainment program will feature a lot of new features and there’s even an option for a 10.25 screen. “

It is a powerful and powerful engine under the hood of the new Ferrari sedan. With a capacity of 6.3 liters, the engine will produce a few pounds and 510 horsepower up to 730. 2018 Ferrari F12 takes 3.1 seconds to reach 60 mph, and up to 211 mph. The clutch system should be the 7-speed dual-speed.

Pricewise, speculations are basically all the little things we follow, even though one important thing is actually something but true: the 2018 Ferrari F12 will cost more than its predecessor, despite not knowing much more. The main reason has something to do with the amount of upgrades and technologies in question. Anyway, the official price has not been put in place, although the 2018 Ferrari F12 should not go for less than $ 200,000. As far as supercars go, it sounds well worth the price.

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