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Saturday, August 13th, 2016 - Suzuki

2016 Suzuki Baleno. As you already know, the new 2016 Suzuki Baleno and entered into German. This vehicle now appears to be ready to enter the UK very soon in a matter of days. Not to be confused with their more compact siblings, here are the full details on the car.

A quick glance at the profile of the car is enough to see that the 2016 Suzuki Baleno is largely based on the concept introduced IK-2 in Geneva. The sides are almost identical, with the main differences being in the front wheel arches and side skirts. While the concept car had stronger defenses, the production version is a more mundane interpretation, no wheels almost flat and simple side skirts. The side mirrors are slightly larger, while the door handles are similar to those observed in the Swift. Concept of “floating roof” made in unchanged 2016 Suzuki Baleno, but now there is chrome trim that runs along the bottom of the side windows. The essence of the cover door is larger, the improvement of practice, while the wheels are smaller and a design rim. There is no word on whether the 2016 Suzuki Baleno optional wheels become larger, but it is a possibility. And it would be a good idea, given the concept looks much better with large rollers. Up front, the differences between the concept and production cars are also remarkable. The IK-2 engine cover seems to be the only characteristic that made 2016 Suzuki Baleno. Although the fascia is still recognizable in relation to the concept of most of the details have been redesigned. Lighthouse brittle IK-2 was replaced by units that look in shape and size to that of Swift, while the bumper is much less aggressive. The V-shaped grille, a new feature in Suzuki design, has been reformed in a top piece, more angular, and received chrome trim. Unlike the concept of the grid enters the headlights. At the rear, the 2016 Suzuki Baleno is equipped with taillights that extend considerably further down the wings and simple bumper in the rear design. A horizontal chrome finish separates the rear windshield of the tailgate. In total, 2016 Suzuki Baleno is far from impressive, but the style is cool because of the current range of Suzuki. My only complaint is that the Japanese may have fallen from Swift headlights inspiration for something more elegant.

2016 Suzuki Baleno an all new interior that is substantially different from the Swift. Although the general control panel has not changed much, the unit feels much more modern thanks to a redesigned center console with chrome accents and a new dashboard, which now has a color LCD screen that shows performance and vital information, such as production, operation of the accelerator / brake and the driving force G. center console is also new. Wider and taller than the swifts, which extends between the front seats, a clear sign that 2016 Suzuki Baleno in more sport. A touch screen seven inches allows drivers to connect an iPhone to an information and car entertainment system and enjoy the many features of Apple car play, including maps, music, podcasts, audio books, and other applications. The new unit also comes with a USB slot and SD card, and displays the view behind the vehicle when reversing camera is used. 2016 Suzuki Baleno is also equipped with an adaptive cruise control system that uses radar waves to control remote monitoring and automatically accelerate or brake the vehicle to maintain a constant distance to the car ahead. The driver can set the system to maintain a long distance, medium and short and to set a speed limit. The new front seats have an optimized shape and comfort, while the rear seats come with “a large space for the legs,” according to the brand. Unfortunately, Suzuki offers no specific figures to support this claim. The 2016 Suzuki Baleno space luggage is 355 liters (12.5 cubic feet), it is the most generous of its kind.

The 2016 Suzuki Baleno is entitled, respectively, for the three turbocharged gasoline pot 1.0 liter direct injection is complete. The engine is capable of generating about 109 hp and 125 lb-ft of torque performance. The engine can be combined with either five-speed manual or automatic six-speed transmission. This car can accelerate to 62 mph in 11 seconds with the automatic transmission and 11.4 seconds with the manual transmission. CO2 emissions are claimed to about 105 g / kg. Next to the turbo engine, this car is also offered in hybrid power train combination with light ion lithium-engine four-cylinder petrol engine of 1.2 liter compact equipped with integrated starter generator (ISG). If you are new to this, ISG plays in the production of electricity by braking the gasoline engine and the presence of regeneration during acceleration and takeoff. The hybrid propulsion system has been improved thanks to the intelligent technology of the hybrid vehicle Suzuki (SHVS) to about 70.6 miles per gallon of fuel and 94 g / kg of CO2 emissions.

The price of the 2016 Suzuki Baleno is not yet available, but Suzuki said the hatch will be launched in the UK early next summer. It must be downloaded Swift, with a price of £ 8,999 (about $ 14,016). 2016 Suzuki Baleno will likely be priced at £ 11,000 (about $ 17,133), which is almost the same as the entry-level Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta.

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