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Friday, August 12th, 2016 - McLaren

The latest to leave McLaren, which was presented at the International Auto Show in New York is the latest 2016 McLaren 570S vehicle is offered two years after the P1 supercar and only a year after the car MP4-12 and just after the car adapts 650S. This will be a way to bring the latest technology race leaving public McLaren dramatically in such a vehicle. 2016 McLaren 570S the vehicle is the first vehicle to leave the McLaren Sports Series family will be extended to five vehicles faster. We are still not sure that vehicles are going to be and when they will leave, but the thing is that in 2016 McLaren 570S sports car is an ideal starting line as McLaren oriented model and many people are more interested in joining him. In fact, the 2016 McLaren 570S is the smallest and least powerful runner who managed to produce, but it can actually still become even more exciting to leave the production line. It shares similar characteristics with the 2016 McLaren 650S and P1 cars and can say that it is a derivative of these two models no doubt. Something added here is a multitude of races driven technological additions that are transferred to some of the common models that have come out recently. McLaren plans to expand more globally in the next period and this car is among their plans to do so. They make it accessible to a wider audience and most productive friendly range that we’ll get to see a very affordable car that is particularly the public wants.

When the 650S is out, the front fascia was inspired by P1. Since then, it was obvious that the sports series, including this model will receive the front of the hypercar. Therefore, the appearance of the new McLaren is impressive with “designed by the onboard air” large LED headlamps, rounded nose and striking aerodynamic splitter under the front bumper. Dihedral doors famous McLaren also part of 2016 McLaren 570S with tendon ” floating ‘that divides the flow of air and sends it to the side entrances and below the buttresses. In the back, we can see the uniqueness of the 2016 McLaren 570S. The flying buttresses and the rear glass teardrop help the air channel on the back table. Accordingly, heat dissipation is improved and the pressing force is increased. The deck has a completely new design while the rear lights are large relative to the back cover. For better aerodynamics, the exhaust pipes are flanking the complex diffuser using eight or more vertical blades.

The cab 2016 McLaren 570S “is designed with attention to the visibility and functionality. Two important features are improved and better range use at night. According to the company, through intelligent and ergonomic design, this model more usable space of any McLaren. The 2016 McLaren 570S has a comprehensive system of information and entertainment. In addition, there is the image of the newly designed digital instruments. Other high-tech features are touch screen seven inches with integrated climate control, DAB or Sirius satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity. To be a true rival to the 911, the company has quality functions within 2016 McLaren 570S as leather seats and leather-trimmed steering wheel and dashboard as standard. This model has a long list of options to further customize as a wide range of Alcantara, Nappa leather and carbon fiber selections. The standard seats, too, can be replaced with units running if that is the desire of customers.

The new 2016 McLaren 570S uses a 570 PS engine that produces 562 horsepower at 7400 rpm and 443 lb-ft of torque 5000 rpm. This is actually a detuned version 3.8 liter V-8 used in a vehicle P1. To facilitate transfer of the power of the propulsion system will use a dual clutch transmission system seven speeds. The car can reach the mark of 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds and top speed is 204 mph. Maybe the numbers do not make it the fastest vehicle on the market or its segment, but to be the lightest out there makes a lot more interesting vehicle. Driving characteristics are great and you will have better handling and control your car.

2016 McLaren 570S will be on sale later this year and the company announced that in 2016 McLaren 570S prices on the US market is $ 184,900.

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