2016 McLaren 540C Specs And News

Friday, August 12th, 2016 - McLaren

2016 McLaren 540C. McLaren are doing everything they can to make vehicles of the organization will probably open, alignment is defined as the starting point of this exercise is the provision of games. In the New York Auto Show 2015, the first games of models available, 570S 2016, sending its V-8 and $ 184,900 price tag 562 force. Not as much as after a month at the Shanghai Auto Show, the British introduced a cheaper version 2016 McLaren 540C.

Compared with 570S presented above, this model is characterized by subtle aerodynamic revised package and exclusive alloy wheels 19 and 20 inch silver or stealth editing. The company says 2016 McLaren 540C has a returned suspension, and vehicle weight is 1311 kg, making nearly 150 kg lighter compared to its closest competitor. 2016 McLaren 540C points to the use of body panels and carbon fiber monocoque aluminum that enabled this model is so light. The interior features a premium leather as well as information and entertainment system Bluetooth 7.0 inch GPS navigation.

In the engine, are the clearest change can be found here. Despite the fact that in 2016 McLaren 540C uses the same twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8, McLaren cleverly expanded its product set, their energy increased from 540 PS 30 PS 570S. This computerized change of 533 pairs in the United States, despite all that has lots of fun and a ton of hellfire. Sitting 398 pounds of torque, 570S drop of 45 feet. 2016 McLaren 540C uses the same transmission with seven double handle speeds. New performance also implies the implementation of the new information. 2016 McLaren 540C needs 3.5 seconds to 62 mph and 10.5 ticks responsible 0-124 mph, making him slower than 0.3 second and 570S, separately. Coming to a pace of 199 miles, enough to charge the new 911 Turbo 195 mph. In addition, in 2016 McLaren 540C slower than the Turbo 0-60 mph for almost a large part of a second standard, it has a slower alternative to the Porsche Sport Chrono Plus for about 0, 2 seconds.

2016 McLaren 540C become the most affordable model in the automaker to date with the price of 126,000 pounds (174,665 euro or $ 188.520). This car will be offered in the world and the company is currently accepting pre orders and deliveries begin early next year.

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