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Saturday, July 30th, 2016 - Kia

2016 Kia Niro. Kia still appears in the automotive market with new models time to time, the more it seems that the next model will probably be one of the segments of the fastest growing vehicle. 2016 Kia Niro will be similar to Kx3 concept that was launched for the first time in 2014. However, its design features are a bit completely different from Kx3 concept. As for styles and practice, car manufacturers with this car are committed to provide buyers with what they want in a compact SUV. This new hybrid is likely to be released for European and North American markets. In addition, to provide buyers with options to choose from, the car will come in different colors.

2016 Kia Niro is a versatile car. His two rows with two seats each gives enough flexibility so large load is due. There is also plenty of space for passengers. Interior details are great, and one of them is techno-look “Silver Orbit” textile-line padding. Black leather is used for the dashboard and steering wheel. Inside the cabin, we also found a clever use of aluminum and other quality materials. Each driver information can be obtained from the center console. All functions of the infotainment, navigation and many other systems can be controlled from there. The cameras are placed at both ends of the Kia Niro 2016, and these could be used to take pictures during the trip. The material used for the exterior is also lightweight makes this car a very effective unit. Special aluminum alloys are used by your body to give a lightweight but strong body. 2016 Kia Niro interiors are in stark contrast to its exterior. The stronger their exteriors, interiors are softer. The seats are made of special textile Orbit money and are quite comfortable in shape and size. In addition to helping the standard equipment for drivers, there is a digital compass for the driver that displays important information about their environment, such as altitude controls, compass and navigation 2016 Kia Niro.

The exterior of the new 2016 Kia Niro develops in such a way that not only looks like he is ready to cross the urban and stylish design, however, also seems ready to eliminate a serious off-road tour experience to all moment. Throughout the design of the exterior is a strong sense of innovation and class-leading. Inside the cabin, one can identify the elegant use of aluminum as well as other major components of high quality. Each driver information can be obtained from the center console. All the features of infotainment, navigation and many other systems can be controlled from there. The cameras are placed at both ends of the 2016 Kia Niro, and these can be used to take pictures while driving. The current concept car 2016 Kia Niro future. His muscular body is built with light materials but resistant, such as aluminum. In this way, designers gain less weight and fuel consumption, which has become a global trend. A butterfly doors that open onto the roof panel, mirror Plexiglas Cam Looking down with built before mask style tiger nose and two circular exhaust pipes integrated into the center of the rear bumper are the main aspect of ‘outside. Inside the cabin have two rows of seats. Passengers have the maximum comfort. The interior is covered with silver Orbit line of textile and quilted black leather volcano. The company plans to offer advanced equipment, which has currently.

With previous models are copied as fuel burners, Kia have changed especially for the new subcompact. 2016 Kia Niro crossing is likely to be offered as a standard or even a plug-in hybrid. I come with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged probably be able to produce 105 horsepower and 108 lb-ft. Probably combined with the engine transmission system 7-clutch transmission.

We will provide the latest information on the 2016 Kia Niro changes is a new Kia car brand that was published in 2016. Its price is probably around $ 20,000.

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