2016 Haval H8 Specs And News

Monday, August 8th, 2016 - Haval

Australian new car market is one of the most competitive in the world, with more than 60 brands doing battle. And most SUV buyers flock to offer great riding to transport. But intense competition has not prevented the Chinese brand Haval join the fight with the new SUV 2016 Haval H8.

The interior feels Captiva profile, which in itself is a decisive factor. The seats seem quite attractive, but the inside is also as BHA 2016 Haval H8 raided parts of the plateau from any manufacturer that allows the approach and copies made, and outdoor lighting is considered reliable third-party accessories. Climb aboard and you could be forgiven for thinking you are in the generic version of a Volkswagen product previous generation. Not bad; there are some errors of taste, but the overall fit and finish looks pretty good. We could not find misaligned panels, there are plenty of soft-touch finish and highlights in the gilding and finally the only thing out-of-place is naff wood trim plastic look. The touch screen looks like a Volkswagen (but not working as such), the wheel-button cluster management and headlight switch are terribly similar to those you might find in a GM product. Robust? So we could not see signs of premature wear in a test car only 5,000 km of age. What we really like how the 2016 Haval H8 represents some tough Australian summers, but only time will tell in this regard. There are certainly more than enough space inside, in fact, feels like a giant with the occupants of the front seats placed at a distance. The seats are large and wide, the filling is a little firm, but in general, after many hours behind the wheel, 2016 Haval H8 maintained its comfort. Things are very good at the back. Chinese generally the focus is on hind legs; it is not enough for limo, but it approaches. A wide rear seat and ensures that there will be no complaints from the rear seat, even if it is a little firmer, the center position is not a bad place to be, helped by an almost flat floor. To justify its price (perhaps) 2016 Haval H8 Premium offers standard accessories such as leather trim – looks good, front seats with electrically adjustable ambient lighting multicolored LED, 220V, lights and car wipers (with headlights the low-power xenon), three climate control zones and entry and keyless start. Entertainment functions are served by a stereo with nine speakers, subwoofer, 8.0 inch touch screen, CD player, auxiliary input and USB inputs, in addition to the standard satellite navigation. Swinging rear door upwards (it is a manual operation in 2016 Haval H8 Premium, but fed in 2016 Haval H8 LUX) and there is a considerable 448 liters of luggage capacity, increasing to 949 liters with the rear bench folded. In the cabin, both in the central console and refrigerated glove provide large storage capacity, there is a door pocket on each door, a pair of open cup holders and a small compartment with lid in front and a small wardrobe and pair Nestled cup holders in the rear armrest.

Driving 2016 Haval H8 only copies the “almost no idea. It is driven by the turbo clean four-cylinder petrol 2.0-liter 160 kW Haval, and while it has a smooth slow motion the development of a base under your charge, the progress is enough, not Grunt. the response to the low-speed accelerator pedal reveals a long while demanding a massive blow, but even in this case, the characteristic of the accelerator and the six-speed transmission cannot respond quickly enough, with a character lazy which makes the gaps in the flow of a no-go. Anything below 2000 rpm, where peak 324Nm kicking, and wrestling. You cannot browse the shift paddles spontaneously or until you have moved the center of the joystick in manual mode. 2016 Haval H8 rear seats around town, the ride is too firm to qualify as a premium SUV, capturing all changes to the surface and shocks and body weight control 2175kg shows by pitch and roll when cornering too. Add to that the address is flaccid center, it weighs too heavy and around the city, and 2016 Haval H8 feels good. A turning circle 12.2 only underlines that. Not all bad news, however. The 2016 Haval H8 fuel economy test with 98RON was 11.1 L / 100 km (better than his request 12.2L / 100km despite the lack of idle stop), and while it was not the wind whistling at speeds beyond 60 kmh, the overall refinement is reasonable. There is also plenty of space in the second row, with holders for Isofix child seat, seat splits 60/40 and a good starting area.

Prices start at $ 41,990 for 2016 Haval H8 premium $ 44.990 steps until 2016 2WD drive Haval H8 premium all-wheel (tested here) and peaks at $ 48,990 for 2016 Haval H8 AWD luxury. Prices exclude taxes and motorway concession.

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