2016 Haval H2 Specs And News

Monday, August 8th, 2016 - Haval

The small SUV segment is the fastest growing in the new car market in Australia, and the compact crossover Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V are very valuable property. No wonder Haval wants a piece of that action. Physically 2016 Haval H2 is slightly larger than the segment leader ASX Mitsubishi and Mazda CX-3, but not as big as the popular Nissan Qashqai (currently third of industry sales).

2016 Haval H2 Prime has a good level of standard equipment. It is loaded with a sunroof, windshield wipers a camera, the reverse speed control and two electronic displays a dashboard of the driver and 7.0-inch screen on the dashboard. It even has a coach park which gives advice (somewhat patronizing) when backing into a space. There are front and rear fog lamps, LED daytime running lights and automatic headlights, and bases such as air conditioning and power windows concepts. The Haval mounted on 18-inch wheels with a tire temperature system and control of the capitalized intelligent pressure on the digital dashboard that can show almost anything, but the speed of the vehicle. 2016 Haval H2 adding parameter specified seat Better “eco-leather”, adjust the driver’s seat electrically adjustable side view of the parking camera, heated front seats and a rear center armrest. The only option is a dress up to $ 750 package that brings the two-tone paint and interior trim shades ranging from traditional coal to capture a cherry processing the color beige and red eyes. But you cannot have an active checking speed, braking autonomous emergency, the blind spot warning systems, lane departure at all costs, the latest security features that are available in some of its major rivals. 2016 Haval H2 has a familiar style if slightly derivative to the same body and an interior that impresses at first sight. Our test example charcoal and cream two-tone interior felt light and airy, aided by substantial front windows and sunroof above. anthracite metallic mixture of silver and painted in this section 2016 Haval H2 very well, and has a mixture of soft to the touch and resistant plastic throughout the cabin.

In any case, you would want the opposite: an immediate response to high power applications but lower accelerator when driving to promote comfort. Haval have back. Six-speed automatic leaves much to be desired 2016 Haval H2 as well. It delivers the highest possible at every opportunity, but the performance is slow kick-down. If this naturally aspirated car could be a major problem, but fortunately torque at low-speed turbo 2016 Haval H2 1.5 helps alleviate the problems created by the calibration of transmission. Speaking of that engine, not too bad. There is no muscle power, but the turbo 1.5 allows a healthy 110kW 210Nm power and torque with a fairly linear power distribution. When the transmission and drive-by-wire throttle is clear, the engine delivers solid performance hills and along roads. It’s thrash at high-speed, but you rarely have to work so hard for long periods. It is more fuel-efficient than expected, too. 2016 Haval H2 indicates that FWD cars drinking an average of 9.0 l / 100 km in the combined cycle is our actual average of 8.4 l / 100 km overall exceeds that figure.

2016 Haval H2. This is an impressive car at any price, but its official 26.490 $ bumpers, plus more road so buyers must pay a current example of the SUV race.

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