2016 Citroen DS4 Specs And News

Monday, August 8th, 2016 - Citroen

Recently renovated in 2016 Citroen DS4 hatch was revealed the night with her new 2016 Citroen DS4 brother racer back small SUV, after yesterday appear first in a series of leaked images. Launched as part of the separation of the DS brand room more exposure Citroen, the “new” models use the same design of the specific grid DS which was introduced last year as a key measure to establish a brand luxury difference. 2016 Citroen DS4 hatch, the model update in 2016 means new features and light style updated, while racer back 2016 Citroen DS4 comes as second brand SUV and its first to be for a worldwide release.

On the outside, the car looks like a three-door deliver anyway five crossing. The secret of such a deceptive scheme is set in a restricted way around with the handles get involved in more deliberately broad tickets. So the design courageous decision combined with high windshield and huge anti-friction curves, made recreations 2016 Citroen DS4 facelift state and emphasize the status of premium car, used chromium secure segments architects for automotive bodies. These are pictures of 2016 Citroen DS4, a band on a basis of a heater cooking fire, fog lights and packaging lines of the side windows. Voyager compartment held its shape well in a critical test crash position. The brake pedal is supported by 29 mm. sustain pedal moves up to 17 mm. The development of the control wheel fell by 7 mm, 9 mm and 9 mm sliding side. The segment (“A”) is returned to -22mm before. All bridges were near the middle of misfortune. After the bad luck instruments were forced to open the controller.

2016 Citroen DS4 interior is pleasantly all the names, and while not driving class, a view that is all in all in the hands of the largest room of observers, despite the way it has some perfect and smart keys and disadvantages merge poor in plastics and feeling repressed room to move. 2016 Citroen DS4 copy of windows cannot be opened (which are a waste of this line of coupe roof), making arrangements sit feel similar packaging, that teens will probably not appreciate. It is also a form of flame probably deal with makeup sitting back course Our sons action feel as hot dogs, hoping that you overcome enough to carry in a roadster that way. The airbag cushioned the pioneer of the driver and the contact remained stable. Travelling head was cushioned by the airbag.

This distinction as a crossover 2016 Citroen DS4 Cross back get the normal range of SUV accoutrement, including cladding of gray plastic wheel arches and new rail satin silver roof. FWD is the only proposed configuration, and power options will be limited to manual 95kW / turbo gasoline 230nm PureTech S & S engine equipped replace the VTi 120 in the current 2016 Citroen DS4 engine hatch and / 300Nm 90 kilowatts diesel turbo transmissions manual and automatic. As 2016 Citroen DS4 hatch, the improvements include the addition of Apple car play connectivity (Android Auto yet confirmed) operated by a new touch screen seven-inch debut which also enabled Citroen to reduce the number of buttons physicists from the area control center by 12. Reversing camera is also offered, as well as entry and keyless start, massage seats, Denon audio system, and monitoring of blind spots. In Europe, 2016 Citroen DS4 will be available with engines of 95kW petrol and 90kW diesel and the gasoline engine 156kW / 285 nm Turbo with six-speed manual, which marks the first appearance of this combination in a DS model. Other engines options with 2016 Citroen DS4 hatch comprise a gasoline turbo 123KW / 240Nm, with 111 kW / diesel 134kW and 370 nm / 400 nm.

The model 2016 Citroen DS4 base with 1.2 Tech 5dr pure gasoline DS Techno style rear window is estimated at about $ 32,700 and the 2016 Citroen DS4 HDi 2,016 DSport 2.0 5dr Auto Diesel Hatch is valued $ 38.500.

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