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Saturday, July 8th, 2017 - Citroen
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The first independent DS model to be released from the original DS in 1955, was unveiled this week in Paris before playing in the Geneva Motor Show next week. Citroen began badging some of its cars with DS luxury monicker in 2014, but the DS7 Crossback SUV is the first car designed as a stand-alone DS model for 62 years and becomes the flagship car brand. It may seem unfortunate that the first DS car since romantic, executive lounge emblematic of the fifties, with its innovative hydraulic suspension and rotating beacons must be an SUV, but such is the saving of our time: SUVs are 2018 Citroen DS7 dealerships Bigger and Citroen are in a race to establish a position in the market as widely as possible. To do this, 2018 Citroen DS7 follows the path borrowed successfully by Mini: the story of an original model recognizable morphing instantly into the brand.

Italian system Magneti Marelli lighting specialists is the most innovative we have seen in a current brand. RCA saw them in action and can say they are very cool on a road stage play, which predict. Think of a smart lighting detail on a rival and has 2018 Citroen DS7. Are directional scanners Audi? Yes. Complete LED technology for less CO2, brightness and brilliant models? I also have to. The radiation pattern is carefully controlled, with different lighting for urban areas, rural driving and highway, and three particulars on each side of the LED beams are carefully controlled, turning anyway for the modern equivalent of Directional lights on a DS 1960. The taillights (above) are pretty cool too, using laser engraving and lots of lens tricks to give a three-dimensional aura.

Inside there is room for five adults (and many) and a decent 550 liter boot (up to 1750 liters with the rear seat stowed). Thanks to an electric 4-wheel drive rear axle hung for hybrid versions, not propshaft steal the foot and seat for the legs for the rear passengers. It is available only as five seats, without plans for a seven-seat tour. These individually tilting rear seats to juggle with space to get advice and luggage and is stylish and comfortable here just be careful with the glass full glass sunroof, steal the free space one would expect on the back. 2018 Citroen DS7 centerpiece of the party is some of the coolest still headlights to grace any production car. All models except active entry-level sports that pulse purple unlock and actively turn into a captivating show of lights illuminating the splendor at startup. Viewers will be impressed. As well as the particular details, Macron personal 7 is finished in dark blue ink with 20-inch alloy wheels inside black leather.

2018 Citroen DS7 will be the first brand of PSA Peugeot Citroen for hybrid plugin processing (a petrol engine 300bhp 1.6 and electric motor) and the first to get the all-electric car group; the hybrid becomes 2019. Meanwhile, in a classic way (three gasoline engines and two diesel engines group, with a new eight-speed automatic transmission),

The new 2018 Citroen DS7 Crossback NX aims at Lexus, Audi Q3, Range Rover Evoque and BMW X1, the French firm said. The production driving right starts in January 2018, with sales next spring around £ 28,000.

2018 Citroen DS7 macron dimensions

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