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Thursday, November 16th, 2017 - Aston Martin
2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie Doors Downforce Driving

One of Britain’s most iconic automakers, Aston Martin, can be known mainly for its great touring with fast racing cars. Although it is not the modelers of the automaker, this would address what you can buy a fabulous Aston Martin made a small first step in this segment in 2009 with the 77 individual. In which the British launched their next supercar, the current Vulcan, but only because of a tracking of the car or truck. It was combined with its version of AMR Pro found in, but still Aston Martin is not going to stop here. Following collaboration with Red Bull, Aston Martin created this AM-RB, a state-of-the-art concept car that can go into production under the 2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie brand.

The design of the 2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie is similar to the one we saw last year when the automaker introduced the AM-RB 001 prototype but with a number of improvements. The design, however, seems different from the current supercar designs. The design comes with extreme aerodynamics that will hinder many racing cars. To begin with, the 2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie gives venture tunnels on either side of the “tear-shaped” cockpit floor; a first for a production car. Tunnels draw large amounts of air giving the model an enormous downward force. To further reduce the resistance, the rear-view mirrors were replaced by thin cameras at the rear. The openings between the arches of the front wheel and the cockpit have been revised to provide greater downward force to the front. To save weight, the headlight bells are very light (about 40% lighter than the lightest models in current Aston Martin models). The Aston Martin badge on the muzzle has also been revised in an offer to save more weight; the automaker used an aluminum badge with chemical etching instead of the regular enamel badge. With a thickness of only 70 microns, the new badge is 99.4% thinner than the output unit and to put it in perspective, this thickness is 30% thinner than your own hair. This demonstrates that the scope of Aston Martin concluded that the vehicle was as exclusive as possible because normally a badge is not too heavy to ensure extreme weight saving measures. At the rear, the model does not have conventional front lights; what you have is a thin stop lamp mounted in the center of the top of the back cover. In fact, the light is mounted on the shark fin in the car’s air box. The light is only 9.5 mm high and 5.5 mm wide.

The hut is inspired by the breed. To save as much weight as possible, the large piece of the cabin is made of carbon fiber. The table is very clean and has no button or button. The clean design is interrupted only by a gold-trimmed screen and door locks. The center console is very narrow and has only two buttons. With this clean look, I expected to see a clean steering wheel, but Aston Martin connected the wheel with a series of buttons and paddles. However, compared to other motor sport spec flyers, the 2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie is much cleaner. The wheel is wrapped in a black Alcantara trim. In the central part of the steering wheel, the designers decided to mount a large screen to obtain information on temperature, battery, fuel, speed, gears and gears of oil and water among others. The unit can be separated for safety reasons, as well as to improve access and exit by the driver; this is especially important for track-based models with the addition of a rolling cage. As already mentioned, most of the cabin is made of carbon fiber, including the dashboard, door panels, steering column, floor and seats. The seats are mounted on the cockpit to optimize cabin space. Assembly means that the driver and passenger feel in a position similar to that of Le Mans prototypes and Formula 1 cars (inclined to the feet). This sitting position actually increases your safety and provides better support, especially when you are competing with the tracks. The seats are equipped with a 4-point harness, but you can opt for the 6-point harness. The creators created the greenhouse to offer great vision and side by side; a design also borrowed from the prototypes of Le Mans. Remember the cameras that have also replaced the mirrors, each of them sends images to show the screens mounted on the A pillars on either side of the card. The screens mimic the conventional mirrors, but close the view on the driver.

Not much information about all drivetrain. However, Aston Martin argued that the 2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie will use a fabulous high-end resale, usually V-12. It is a little unexpected that this car in motion is not a good hybrid, but hello, these are obviously good news for petrol heads. Although the U.K. company has not experienced anything to tell you about all the productivity, she said that this V-12 has the efficiency of obtaining an exceptional energy of 1: 1 to help your body weight ratio, which often leads to 1 This is undoubtedly not unprecedented in the supercars sector because Koenigsegg has already succeeded with the actual Koenigsegg but it is an outstanding and enormous job to accomplish.

It is too early for Aston Martin to announce the 2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie awards, considering the model is still in development. Production will be limited to a minimum of 99 and up to 150 units, including prototypes, as well as 25 specific track designs. As for the 2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie price, we can only speculate; I think an MSRP of about $ 2.5 million is a good estimate. Deliveries will begin in 2018, probably in the second half of the year.

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