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Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 - Toyota

2016 Toyota Celica is your ticket to a very beautiful and a sports car capable. When news of his return to the Celica hit the market many fans were surprised and very pleased with the opportunity to host one of the favorites. This is certainly a legendary Toyota vehicle and a left that has not hesitated to take. This year, Toyota decided to reduce some of their legendary vehicles. While everyone was waiting for the FT-1 concept car to make an official appearance at the production level, it seems that Toyota has decided to abandon that idea for now and instead we reintroduce some the long time fan favorites who will produce the same amount of hype. That’s why Toyota designers have defrosted use some of the techniques of design and language form the FT-1 model placed on the vehicles and brought redesigned this year.

Besides the 2016 Toyota Celica, Toyota will introduce a new Toyota Supra model is another model that people desire. The Celica will have its first release date, while the Supra can go a little later. Which brings us to the Celica is the familiar concept and the feeling of driving will be enhanced with the aesthetic features of the FT-1 concept and Toyota 86 models that combine to make a final purée here in this car. Read all about it when considering and see what the future holds for the Celica model.

The exterior designs of the vehicle in the Celica were their points of sale and present the most attractive and fashionable about them. 2016 Toyota Celica does maintain a very attractive, but the focus will be on performance and not outside as much compared to before. But the Toyota Celica has a pretty decent design that will continue with fashion that manufactures their vehicles. The car carries a design that will be based on the FT1 concept that has already been published. And although not much data was transferred to the new model Celica suggesting a rather pleasant base and a great disposition to go for a car drive performance. Some elements remain the same as Toyoda does not want the divorce Celica are the main characteristics of the car brands and is used to hold. Despite initial designers, which is most notable for the appearance of the car is to make it much more versatile than ever. sports features that will be incorporated can only improve the sprinter and the side and give the appearance of much higher and better and physical. But there is also the elegant side of the Celica that places an appropriate option in a formal given situation that may become necessary. The added element of versatility is what will adorn the car and what will be separated from all previous Celica cars that preceded and also placed a little higher in the posterior back of the car and before.

With a big update from the outside is a very good interior point-set for 2016 Toyota Celica too. First, the vehicle has won some adjustments improved comfort, it has a lot more pleasant to be car. The new vehicles comfort improved capacities were made by adding better and softer materials that come standard. With the best materials, the front seats are also designed to be as flexible as possible. The driver will feel comfortable in the new racing buckets that are provided in and add a level of adjustment was not pursued before. There are several protection functions and safety features that are now addressing in particular eth forward with additional air cushions inside of the car jack. In addition, they have improved the technological aspects of the vehicle. Improved technology is the second part of the formula that inside the car better. The entertainment system is upgraded to achieve a lot more fun in and is particularly enhanced with a new sound system with additional loudspeakers. The navigation system is also completely new and updated and a particularly useful addition is the air conditioning system that provides a better atmosphere inside.

2016 Toyota Celica borrows the motor current model Lexus NX 200t. This means that the turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine will make its way under the hood of the car Celica. This will output 235 horsepower and 258 horsepower and produce higher specification of the car before. The Supra was announced with a possible hybrid propulsion system to improve fuel economy, but there was no such mention being made on the Celica yet. Transmission system options fall to a manual 6-speed transmission or a CVT automatic transmission 6-speed with paddle on the steering wheel.

2016 Toyota Celica is not officially scheduled for release. Speculation has provided the vehicle, but the end of the year and is rightly the car begins to appear then. The initial price ranges from 28,000 to $ 30,000 initially. We do not see this car as new Porsche Panamera, but we see the Toyota Celica win their fan base now reach new heights with the new model.

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