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Monday, July 25th, 2016 - Toyota

2016 Toyota Camry was undoubtedly particularly successful sales in the US market for the past decade and a half or two and it could have been the result of a non-offensive exterior design usually associated with Camry, within well-designed performance acceptable on the road and bulletproof protection. Designers have always ensured adequate refreshments on the market are updated from time to time, especially in the vanguard of the vehicle in order to maintain sales figures. For the 2016 model Toyota has rejuvenated and re-engineering of almost 2000 rooms and they said the design “one roof” will be lost in the reorganization. This shot in the arm includes an updated suspension, redesigned exterior styling and new interior decoration materials to ensure the mojo sales figures continue. Toyota has already stated that the vehicle will debut in a small-scale production in the upcoming Chicago Auto Show next week expected, but we expect more news during the show. The automaker has lined up some major improvements for the new models that includes not only the modernization of technology, but also give the vehicle an aggressive stance.

Compared to the previous update that just came out there one year, in 2016 Toyota Camry will be some minor changes that will be placed in the same body type. But he manages to squeeze some new body panels and some minor elements that lead to getting a completely different look of the Camry SE model. The best of this edition is the paint job added that the car becomes. Two new options that are truly dynamic when you look like you can choose between Blizzard Pearl and metallic blue band are obtained. Each special edition should add a dramatic color choice and they got more right with the new version here. The model will also add new 18-inch wheels, which will be an inch taller compared to those found on SE models. New tires to get a machined face, which is accented by a shiny black paint and some will be made of light alloy materials. Besides these taillights will be changed as well and are getting a smoked outer casing, which goes along with the new paint job extremely well.

Like the Camry functions primarily as a traveler takes you from one place to another, plans to add 2016 Toyota Camry and details inside the car to be much more enjoyable to experience the ride. The player supports satin chrome accents, leather and upholstery wood trim, and adds a number of new features to the special edition form. Added are special sport seats with black SOFTEX special side supports. They are manufactured by adding inserts blue patterns and contrasting blue seam. The same point is in the script and the trunk of the car and the ground is complemented special edition logos mathematics. Standard features include power sliding / tilt and a group of white blue eyes gauge / sports. Keyless entry and start button is also a standard inclusion, while a sound system Entune Audio Plus has also added to the mix. You can get a special order by adding a premium audio sound system Entune, which also includes navigation and a suite of applications. And finally, there is also a wireless charging IQ interface available for the phone.

As is the case with other special edition vehicles, 2016 Toyota Camry remains unchanged from the SE model, which is set to come with a choice of gearbox and engine. That said, the vehicle comes with a four-cylinder 2.5-liter, which will have an automatic six-speed transmission. The previous engine will be able to put out more than 178 horsepower and 170 pounds of torque. EPA statistics give a fuel return of the special edition car 35 mpg on the highway and 25 mpg in the city.

The new model 2016 Toyota Camry will go on sale in May. The release date has been set after the first in Chicago Auto. The price of the Camry special edition will be $ 25.715, a little higher than expected, will not only 12,000 units manufactured.

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