2016 Renault Alaskan Specs And News

Sunday, July 31st, 2016 - Renault

2016 Renault Alaskan announced last September, a concept car, with an attractive design. Renault has a production version of this car. It is virtually the same version looking at the concept, but with slight modifications in the details. He is a solid box-shaped form. The boundaries between the side windows are now more visible in the grid is a little different, side skirts and wheels are now less futuristic and smaller. However, all the important details are maintained and changed some minor.

When it comes to the exterior face of front end height, sharp headlights and grille three blade that comes with the big Renault emblem in the center. This is completely new design this manufacturer almost all design features taken from Nissan style. It is similar to Nissan Navara, at least if you look at the back, and everything behind the pillar. Navarra became the model around the world recently introduced, we should probably expect that Alaska will be sold only in Europe. This model will be buyers both commercial and recreational interest. It comes with containers placed on the side of the bed, which can be used for storing tools, for trade buyers, and there are also integrated in the mirrors that can be used for shooting off-road adventures cameras.

Depending on the level of 2016 Renault Alaskan could completely finish ahead or almost spartan luxury when it comes inside. There are levels of a higher leather equipment and infotainment system, the cameras in the mirrors, climate control in three areas and many safety features. Above all what buyers can also opt for an automatic door and back and feel softer materials inside. The basic version comes with a lot of hard plastic that is the first failure of this model, but this version is primarily for the use of the fleet. Each parameter will cost several thousand dollars more.

2016 Renault Alaskan engine options depend on the region. One of the options is 158 and 187 HP turbo diesel engine two 2.3-liter four-cylinder that HP is an opportunity van Renault Master, 160 HP and 190 HP 2.5-liter diesel engines Nissan-Renault baby and a gasoline engine 2.5 liter 160 HP only for certain markets. Unfortunately, it appears that none of these engines will come to the UK. In addition, there will be an option for 2WD and 4WD and 6-speed manual and automatic transmission with seven gears.

2016 Renault Alaskan Round definitely begins production next year and will certainly be sold in Europe and is not yet sure other markets in Africa, Asia and South America. We certainly know that this tablet will not be sold in the US, and its price is still a mystery. Probably label you like price Nissan Navara, and will compete with other compact pickups sold worldwide as Toyota Hilux.

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