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Thursday, July 28th, 2016 - Nissan

We are always a little closer to the actual appearance of the vehicle 2016 Nissan Z. So far we have only rumors and updates on the state of development of information was, but nothing has been released Nissan says that in fact the release date when you will arrive without fail. The concept model was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show and then has not really given details about the vision of the production model. The 2016 Nissan Z car is a sports brand popular vehicle which will enter its seventh generation production with the new car and what is already a popular brand among fans, but has had periods and release delays the past, namely in 1990, where we had a gap between vehicles and 300ZX 350Z.

The assumption was that the production model would hit the market later this year, but has not received a new car from 2016 Nissan Z, and since this is a 2016 model expected release date is scheduled for next year, which is a much more likely scenario. The Nissan Z concept model is based on the 2016 Infiniti Q50 model because it shares its chassis. It is a two-door vehicle, and of course the popular convertible option was also confirmed. This review is currently known data on the model of the concept and some speculation on when we will be able to see the production car in action. Also keep in mind that the first cars in this segment range include models like the Jaguar F-Type, Chevy Corvette and Porsche Cayman models.

Sports model like 2016 Nissan Z should always keep a lot of aggression. Otherwise it will be lost and become something else. Something was not prepared. Aggressiveness and dynamism driving are the main advantages of this car. The new model will be redesigned and prepared for the challenges. To produce lighter or better functionality will be used materials. It will be used mainly aluminum and magnesium. In this way, the car will lose weight. But it will not marinate. It is wide, strong and confident in their appearance. The line is very attractive and offers excellent aerodynamics. With small features of elegance just trying to sit behind the wheel. What every driver will experience a real adventure. The front is narrow and just cut the air before. It contains a large opening for air circulation and to sharp LED headlights. They have a very modern design that adds a special touch to the entire look. Body contains two doors, wings and many attractive additional details in appearance. On the back the designers have tried to create a single image. Ideal lights are mixed, spoiler and wing special. The rear lights are very similar to the front. In the wing have two vents and a large chrome tailpipe on either side. Do you even need to mention that the Nissan has a very modern wheel. Nissan Z gets new redesigned tires and appealing enough to attract immediate attention.

The interior of the 2016 Nissan Z model is quite large, although it is a small sports car. The room is very nice and the passengers will be surrounded by a flexible material and high quality. As usual, the sports seats represented whose shape perfectly matches the sporty driving style. Coated with high quality materials and equipped with electronic control. Positioned low in the cockpit for the driver is in an ideal place for walking more difficult position. The control part is an ideal situation. Only small movements are enough to listen to the car. In the hands it has an excellent and contains some commands. The most advanced security systems to worry about the safety of passengers. This is the lane departure warning, airbags, ABS, stability control, fundus camera, sensors and certainly very good parking brakes. The parties most interested potential customers are certainly technological additives. However, time has passed the bill. a modern entertainment systems, communication and management is included. The large TFT screen is in the middle of the table and resealable. It is associated with virtually all functions. Audio device is of high quality and offers a unique experience. Play almost all music, it includes a USB port, AM / FM radio, the connection of external devices, etc. Communication is very important. Especially for someone who is constantly moving. Internet connection should be integrated in the equipment. If this happens, it involves many other Internet functions. Hands-free phone calls will be made via a Bluetooth connection.

There were several assumptions about what the real engine will be added to the production of 20126 Nissan Z cars uses a turbocharged V6 3.0 liter direct fuel injection and the ability to obtain a power of 350 horses. It is offered with a manual six-speed transmission with CV and there is also a choice of automatic transmission seven available reports. There is talk that this engine option not the production model, despite being just what you need car 2016 Nissan Z. Some rumors say a turbocharged 0.0-liter Mercedes inspired vehicle with an automatic transmission with seven speeds is a good best solution. This concept would allow the car to produce 210 horsepower and 260 lb – ft of torque. Whatever the solution at the end may be, the fact is that the car is lighter than before, so not much is needed to feed and extreme performance.

The entire plan around 2016 Nissan Z model is still in evidence and information are not hundred percent sure. Sales begin before the arrival of 2016. Base price could be around $ 35,000.The most important competitors of this car is Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Hyundai Genesis.

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