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Monday, July 25th, 2016 - Mitsubishi

The Japanese manufacturer has announced the launch of his own car 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse is scheduled for next year. They plan to do this as dominant as possible, as it aims to resume competition in style with the latest updates and modern coming car. Which designers focus on the aesthetic aspects, they are for the car that will be futuristic and attractive to the new Eclipse modern remarkable. The 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse is then scheduled to make his debut on the US market where it can provide the greatest impact. We believe that the car will actually have higher sales and it could present a very interesting for buyers in the possibility the US. The Turning also had good sales in this market and even predict above.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse has had a long season after the market launch as he tried to put in wholesale sales figures, but unfortunately Cam vehicle production to an end once the last model was produced in 2011. The Eclipse tried to come back from that fans have requested a new model. Apparently, desires will finally be fluffed with this new 2016 model is to revive the brand and is once again a competitive vehicle market. All the latest news and announcements about 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse are gathered here, in our opinion, and we present to you in advance so that you are informed when the actual release date comes.

The new model 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be unique in many ways. It has aggressive look authentic and modern design. To be addressed in many ways a futuristic look, the designers opted for a serious approach. It is considered the right solution for the next generation of popular vehicles. The car is built on a new platform PS. The base is very solid and functional, and the body is aluminum. Modifications are obvious and are connected to each part of the outside. It is very striking appearance with LED front lights edged aggressive. Mainly dominated by sharp lines that lead to aerodynamic perfection. The mask of the front of the engine is cut in several places and it seems a complex image. But someone will seem very complicated. But the fact is phenomenal Incorporated. The hood has been redesigned and bulging in the middle. In various positions, they are represented openings for airflow, as befits a sports car. Body contains two doors and exterior mirrors with integrated indicator signals. Top of the cab in Polish are black. a contrast to the exterior color is made. Door locks are cleverly hidden and decorative chrome details are just in the right places. The rear is unique in many respects. More massive compared to the front. Built-in are narrow and aggressive lights and two large openings on the bottom. Immediately above the light unit is a sports spoiler. In the center stands proudly mark Eclipse. Mitsubishi has a sports exhaust system. To a rectangular exhaust tube on both sides. The vehicle will be placed alloy wheels with fantastic drawings.

The renovation of the interior, with the model 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse was necessary. Now, a modern quality, sophisticated and above. It meets all the expectations and demands of the driver. Represented are the sports seats that reinforce the sense of adventure while driving. Anatomically, they are fully prepared for a quick trip. Coated with high quality materials and can be heated. The control buttons occupy an excellent position. The schedule is as simple and easy to handle. It would be a great advantage. Mitsubishi Eclipse is equipped with high quality superior technology system. They relate to entertainment, communication and security. The steering wheel is covered in leather. It contains all the necessary commands. Behind the wheel is information on indicators turn. Framed in chrome trim and nice illuminated with LED light. All necessary information is available. In the central part of the cabin is the touch screen. It is connected to the audio system, navigation, information systems and other necessary parties. It has not yet been confirmed will be available on the Internet. But probably it is available a high level of communication. Below the screen are the circular climate controls and a small container to store small items. Complete interior 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse is a healthy environment with the necessary accessories for the modern driver.

In order to offer more options and enough power for 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse, there will be two engine options available for this car. The first and basic engine is SOHC MIVEC 16 four-cylinder engine 2.4-liter that delivers 65 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque. This is a bit of an anti-aliasing option and a base, you can get for a lower price. The second is a more powerful that provides more power and better performance of the Eclipse. The V6 MIVEC 3.8-liter engine is more than the basis of a power of 265 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. Therefore, if you want to get a car with more power than it is a better choice for you as it brings Eclipse to its full potential. It also has two transmission options and you can choose between the two levers of automatic shifting 6-speed manual or 5-speed clutch.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse should be available later this year. However, the exact price of this model is known. But it is expected that it could be between $ 22,000 and $ 30,000. Subaru BRZ as competitors, Ford Mustang and Hyundai Genesis appear.

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