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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 - Mercedes Benz

2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS. Speculation about 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS began there nearly three years, and for a very short period of time, it was believed that the novel SLS AMG was renamed to SLC. This was obviously not the case, as the luxury car giant chose the name of his sports car GT will offer replacement for your SLS AMG. Consequently, the most viable option for the AMG GT competitor now is the Porsche 911. Compared to the SLS, the new 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS will now be thinner and lighter, this is because Mercedes uses lighter materials during their construction body. Such materials include aluminum inserts and carbon fiber. In addition, the new 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS will be less dramatic in its exterior body design and be free from seagull wing door, it will be an insult to the SLS. The new car will also come with a price tag cheaper compared to his brother. Read on for the most comprehensive news on the upcoming new 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS.

When it comes to the interior of this stunning new 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS. The car will not be a sports car, but all the characteristics of a sports car, but it will be almost a grand toured. The seats seem pretty comfortable with the thought of significantly after lateral support, an information and entertainment system that does not miss in and is also included in the basic version, while the audio system will use a system modern surround technology-inspired sound. When it comes to the exterior of the 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS, it seems more than SLS. The bell section that ends at the back and responds to the doe with curves which also gives us something of the past, the model is very similar to the early 1970s, rewind. Alloy wheels are 19 inch front, while the back is 20 inches. These tires will be sport to deal with acceleration and higher top speed.

Under the hood of the new 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG will be GTS powerful engine that will drive the vehicle. Both the GT and GTS V8 turbo use 4L. There will be various configurations to ensure power and efficiency is improved, while reducing emissions of carbon dioxide. These direct fuel injection parameters and dry sump lubrication. The GTS engine model will be more powerful and will generate up to 503 horsepower and 479 pounds of torque. Even though the base model comes with a limited slip differential mechanical and passive dampers, the GT S will end up level with sliding and tipping limited electronically controlled. Various configurations are available for various occasions to drive, which include Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, race, and a custom mode. The model also comes with extreme performance options include more negative camber in the front suspension, active engine and transaxle mounts.

The release date for 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS has not been officially announced, but Mercedes has apparently made an attempt to be available by the end of 2015. The prices should at least $ 120,000 or more for the basic model release and should be very competitive in your niche.

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