2016 Lincoln Navigator News And Specs

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 - Lincoln

Another full-size SUV built by Ford Motor Company gets some changes this year. This time it is a luxury SUV Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln Navigator was introduced as a 1998 model Navigator was actually the first SUV from Ford and the first 4WD vehicle they produced. The platform they use for this vehicle was used to grant Ford a year before the release of Navigator. There are many elements that make it different Navigator shipping, including the exterior, interior and some other features. Judging by the kind of common platform, you can easily assume that this vehicle is huge. In fact, Lincoln Navigator is the largest vehicle Lincoln has to offer. In this review, we will visit some of the facts and rumors surrounding the new 2016 Lincoln Navigator, including the characteristics of the engine, interior, exterior, release date and price.

The current browser has not been long on the market, but they are already getting a 2016 Lincoln Navigator already packed and ready. The new model plans to expand on the shortcomings of the current and add some new features and a distinctive design for the model. The first cutting weight mentioned is a big problem and something they have long anticipated. By using an aluminum base can be done and they can borrow from the F-150 is perfect for the job. This will make the car lighter and allow for better fuel economy for the car by a long shot. This is something that future Navigator vehicles could get a big question. Competition and becomes a lightweight solution why not keep the room while there is still time. Changing the platform is just the beginning, because there are few other adjustments to make for us to get a complete setup. Expect a series of changes that take into account the reduction in weight throughout the car. They plan to reduce the drive for a total of 700 pounds in weight and improve performance and fuel economy for the car.

The interior of the 2016 Lincoln Navigator will be as enjoyable as ever. The addition of a large interior is the formal part of the last Navigator vehicles past and will also be in this case also. There are many things that still have decided TH inside because they have the least amount of information available on this part of the car, but as the release date approaches for more details to emerge. For now, what is obvious is the high levels of comfort that will be complemented with a large interior space. Lots of free space and legs is what needs to be reinforced with materials and fine contact surfaces.

According to sources, in 2016 Lincoln Navigator will be without current V-8 engine. In fact, Lincoln is a hybrid for her. To improve fuel economy and to be friendly with nature 2016 Lincoln Navigator engine turbo 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost. Unofficially will be paired with 10-speed automatic transmission, Ford is currently working.

The vehicle was rumored that can go this year already, but the forecast release date for 2016 Lincoln Navigator will be at the end of 2016 is too thin. We believe that the car will start at the time designated in 2016 as the center or rear of a more appropriate time-table. The price is something that has been spread too much and there is a figure of about $ 35,250 around this model. If you do not receive cost much to give you an advantage over the Ford Expedition, Infiniti QX80, Cadillac Escalade and any other opponent who is against it.

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