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Thursday, July 28th, 2016 - Lexus

2016 Lexus CT 200h. With the launch of the new 2016 Lexus CT 200h brings nothing particularly new to programming, but actually comes back with a unique blend of fuel economy and sportiness the car had not before. The new sport sitting in the car will certainly attract a wider audience and bring more interest to the new 2016 Lexus CT 200h car, while the fuel characteristics are already as strong as one would expect of a car typical hybrid hatchback. This vehicle is actually smaller and less the most expensive in the range of Lexus cars. It provides an opportunity for young people seeking their first Lexus car and wants to start young. Do not underestimate the car at all, it has a very versatile use and can be used by all kinds of people too. That they like the Prius, but want a little more luxury is that the Lexus CT 200h is a perfect choice because it has a package of better and more luxurious the car above. The Lexus CT is currently the only hybrid sedan on the market and will remain so until Audi manages to launch its own version A3 2016 was announced, but it’s now delayed. The 2016 Lexus CT 200h model will be the sixth model was able to produce and new generation of vehicles will include a much larger than this update. It is available in five-door hatchback, but there are rumors that future models will feature a four-door configuration. Now, without further ado, here are the comments for the next vehicle 2016 Lexus CT 200h.

The exterior has not been a big change and the new model 2016 Lexus CT 200h enters its sixth model more or less unchanged. It preserves the aspect that has always and only includes some minor changes that update the car to the new model year. The last major change took place in front of the car a few years ago when we added the Lexus spindle grille brand, but this time we will see the improvement with some chrome which was added to the side portion. But, however, the external shape of the car is very beautiful and very simple, without any radical experimentation in this part. Overall, the car has an underside of the ceiling slab and thick pillars and is presented as a five-door hatch. Gently curved lines are well suited for the gently arched pillars back. In the results of done pretty aggressive than before, but only a little feeling not too openly. The rear window has an unusual appearance, but goes well with the rear pillars and the spoiler that extends along the roof line. The rear lights have also changed and have a slimmer look to them. There are also a multitude of choices when it comes to the exterior color, because there are some new options. The bright shades of yellow and red dawn mica or mica Matador new and Starfire Pearl Tungsten Pearl shades are new color spectra available with silver, charcoal and black that are a standard feature for the luxury model more.

The exterior 2016 Lexus CT 200h is its biggest advantage. A person does not exist that does not seem CT 200h so far. Everyone is happy with the way the vehicle itself, as it represents an important aspect of the brand. The front of the car has a grille which is split pin with a dark lip lower central section of money. The houses fog lamps became vents and increased the threat vehicle appearance. The headlights also have a modern design for them, since the beams of spotlights and LED accents are also added. The side profile of the TC is really very interesting, which is the case with its standard hybrid car. The bumper round is the highest point of the profile which gives us some additional details such as firewall fog that are now visible on the sides. The greenhouse car has a laser cut straight across the bottom, forming a twist in the back window. This continues all the way to the studs in the back and it gives us a sense of speed that defies the profile. The rear of the car has similar elements seen in the front of the car. You can find the bleed vents on the front bumper where the rear reflectors are placed. Under the bumper there is a part that looks like a diffuser and rear lights are slightly elongated and shaped so that the look of the whole car widen. Also there will be 17 inches, the choice of alloy wheel spokes divided as the basis for the new Lexus and prominent coat of white paint being added this year alone.

The interior of the 2016 Lexus CT 200h has an expected aspect of Lexus. It is a complete divorce of what you get in the car Prius because it has many exclusive and attractive elements added. The cabin has a more intimate and tight design. The Central Council adopts a great design that makes the driver and passengers are divided into two distinct zones. The center console features an information system and Lexus trademark entertainment that can be operated using a mouse and directly above it the button that allows you to change driving patterns and when you have Eco, Normal, Sport or available to choose from. The buttons in EV mode and traction control are placed right next to the sides of the sphere. Of course, all car surfaces are beautiful and very soft materials that cover most of the car. The seats, steering wheels, armrest, door panels, center console with leather covering, but inside uses NuLuxe covers. The ergonomics of the cars are very well planned there, comfortable elevated seating and a raised screen for better visibility of the road and better use of controls. Finally, the board is very simple and convenient to use. With a simple design, it is much gets use of hyphens. The convenient and unique aspect is a full step before something that you can get inside of a Prius vehicle.

The vehicle 2016 Lexus CT 200h propulsion system has remained unchanged since its inception and will continue the 2016 model that tradition. A four-cylinder 1.8-liter will be used, with the departure of 98-horsepower, and is combined with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system. This is actually the same kind of power train that is in a Prius vehicle but in this case it is used by a vehicle more and more refined. There is a couple of engine generators that can power the car alone, without any problems, but only at low speeds. This configuration is good enough to provide great fuel economy and has an EPA rating of 42 miles per gallon. In fact, it is argued that was similar to the Ford C-mayo 2016 in terms of characteristics of the hybrid power train.

The starting price of the 2016 Lexus CT 200h starts at a base MSRP of $ 32.050 level. With rooms and packages that the car can be equipped with aggregates, the total price can reach $ 37,865 more. The car’s release date is only a few months and people will be able to buy your car very soon.

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