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2016 Kia Sportspace. The new 2016 Kia Sportspace promises to make a big impact on the segment of midsize sedans. Five years have passed since the Kia Optima has been redesigned with a new grille and front fascia. However, the third generation of the Optima car is approaching the end of his life, leaving room for the new sedan to emerge in the midsize segment. Sportspace makeup room for the car, which has already launched its concept look. Presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, this prototype flew the minds of people as it was not something we were expecting to see. The stage was set for the establishment of a vehicle Optima updated, but what was shown was actually the Sportspace car that will be optimal for expansion and will essentially pick up where does the Optima and follow Kia’s ideas into much more conveniently.

So what it is exactly what Kia Sportspace put on the table? In fact, it promises to be a new type of race a vehicle tourer. It will bring sportiness and utility together and be much more useful car together, but a car that looks good too. The concept was revealed, and people were surprised how it seems this idea and what the car could actually present. If you really have to do with the level of production, we have to wait a little longer to find out. But hopes that this is a sure thing and this car just has to do. Read the review to know all the details.

With some resemblance to the RS6, outside 2016 Kia Sportspace has an elegant and attractive appearance due to its low point of view, width and length. The car was equipped with very exclusive 20-inch wheels and a long to give a stern look hood. The 2016 Kia Sportspace also has LED headlights and fog lights in the grid that are specially designed to get married. Detailed design was made in the back window, bumpers and tailgate to reduce any visual rear load. The grill has iconic “tiger nose” Kia and if you look deeply you may have noticed that you have blades that can rotate to increase or decrease the air supply when needed. 2016 Kia Sportspace also subtly curved to enhance the visual motion of the dynamic fa├žade. The rear lights and turn signals are integrated together and are indistinguishable when it is active. It is also equipped with a roof spoiler and a diffuser to maximize the rear airflow. The rear bumper is more tilted forward and slightly expanded.

The interior design 2016 Kia Sportspace is as impressive as the exterior with a spacious cabin. This gives the car users a sense of comfort-ability with commands to be closer and more accessible to the driver. This is not all, Sportspace also comes with a two-screen touch screen, GPS, A / C, stereo sound system, USB, among others. Kia’s design engineers have devoted considerable resources to ensure that this magnificent car is equipped with advanced high-tech gadgets. The touch screen panel of two each have different roles to play, for example, the top panel is used by the controller for navigation and information instrumental cluster while the second panel can be used by the driver and passengers due because that will be placed in the center and used as a control panel for all devices and features like car seats and air conditioning systems. It is also equipped with a console in the center aluminum which gives it an added advantage over its main competitors or “partners”. Another striking feature is the panoramic sunroof that is placed on ensuring that the car interior is bright.

Regarding the engine, 2016 Kia Sportspace refuse to comment on any individual. He does not yet know what was inside the Sportspace but we know that is something that allows a wide and exciting transportation, without sacrificing performance and fuel economy. This is actually demand that Kia has given the transmission and request even this could actually be the engine. It is more than expected, you can perform on the Optima engine is the 2.0-liter, inline four-cylinder engine. If that is the case, the vehicle is set to make 274 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque. There are rumors of a hybrid propulsion system that includes a 2.4-liter four-pot engine / electric with the release of 199 horsepower and 235 lb-ft.. But what we assume would be a more appropriate option for production of vehicle engines is the 2.0-liter petrol and 2.4-liter hybrid.

2016 Kia Sportspace it should be released next year, 2016, with prices ranging between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000.

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