2016 Holden Ute Specs And News

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 - Holden

Holden tried to improve their cars and since 2008 with new engines, interiors, exteriors plucked suspension, etc and the 2016 Holden Ute really shows these improvements. 2016 Holden Ute real value of money and objective criteria is significantly better than the offer from Ford.

The 2016 Holden Ute rolls on 16-inch steel wheels 18 inch wheels alloy is obtained, wider tires with a lower profile for improved handling and grip. The suspension was completed, to promote more uniform curves. A body kit is the visual distance of a council vehicle. Inside, there is a leather steering wheel and gear-shifter coating and a soft top is included. 2016 Holden Ute all models above it also receives monitoring blind spots that can warn the driver if there is a car in the lane next to them, and a reversing alarm, warning a car might be crossing behind. Manual gearbox versions are equipped with a limited slip differential, which improves driving on slippery surfaces. Cruise control, reversing camera and steering wheel controls for audio systems and information.

Colors touch 8 inches that supports a sophisticated entertainment system with Bluetooth connectivity screen. Embedded applications include music services on the Internet Pandora, Stitcher and Siri. Headlights that turn on themselves after dark. Dual-zone air conditioning, allowing the driver and passenger to set the temperature independently. System front and rear parking sensors and parking aid drive the car in a parking space while the driver operates the engine and brakes. Six airbags, including two directly in front of the driver and passenger, one on each front occupant to protect the upper body, and side curtain airbags, both to protect the head. Electronic stability control, which helps prevent skidding. (This is not mandatory in commercial vehicles, and therefore an alternative does not.). The cheapest model, 2016 Holden Ute comes standard with a tire repair kit, but without replacement; However the option either a replacement or full-size economy possible space. 2016 Holden Ute come with space saver spare parts, while the SS-V Redline is based only on a repair kit. The satellite navigation and a DVD player are optional on 2016 Holden Ute. There is only one body style in 2016 Holden Ute, which is the classic two-door cab with rear tray. With a hard spare barrel (type of fiberglass roof for the plateau region) or canopy (the same, but higher), you can make the vehicle safer, but potentially less versatile when it comes to bulky loads.

2016 Holden Ute designed with a powerful engine 304 kilowatts 6.2L, 3.6 liter 60 degree V6 Double camshaft with four valves per cylinder. Double blow monitoring sensors with adaptive control individual cylinder. On-board diagnosis. Spark ignition direct injection (SIDI).

2016 Holden Ute range in price from $ 39.500 – $ 46.970. The manual six-speed 2016 Holden Ute sneaks into $ 2,200 below its six-speed automatic equivalent.

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