2016 Holden Malibu Specs And News

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 - Holden

Holden Commodore has long been the weapon of choice for Australian families. The combination of space, features and value was a winner, but one whose sales dropped dramatically over the past decade. While SUVs have stolen most of these sales, hottest mid-market gauges have also played a role in the disappearance of traditional large car. No wonder, then, that Holden is looking to increase its presence in a very competitive class. That’s where 2016 Holden Malibu comes.

2016 Holden Malibu equipped with air conditioning, a reversing camera and rear parking sensors, Bluetooth connectivity and keyless entry / departure among other goodies with its largest 18-inch alloy, dual zone climate control and upholstery leather, with tight budgets shouldn’t feel very depressed. Our test car had the upholstery beautiful fabric and vinyl, supported by other highlights of style such as bridges inspired by the Camaro instruments (to go with the taillights outside also cut muscle stolen GM) and blue ambient lighting to accentuate the curved band night board. Perhaps the best feature of the interior, however, is an excellent multimedia system MyLink touch screen Holden, which is found in the most expensive range Commodore VF-series.

In this price segment, which is one of the best most systems and easy to use on the market, with easy menu and all the features you need to move more something he did not think that it did, as applications and Stitchery Internet radio and Pandora music played via Bluetooth to your smart phone. Directed to the buyer of the family, 2016 Holden Malibu does a decent job of swallowing people and things with a good starter size and numerous storage nooks in the cabin, although most are small. One of the best places behind the infotainment screen, which folds at the touch of a button to reveal a considerable size closet. However, a pair of ergonomic problems took the shine. For example, while scanning the card adds some inner dynamism, the curve does not cut into the box to precious room gloves for knee size passengers. Although the size is not Commodore, space for rear passengers should be enough for families with young children, with the head and legs adequate outboard passengers. However, the rear middle seat as many cars is hard and high, and best used to bend the arm.

2016 Holden Malibu has a 2.4-liter four-cylinder does not seem particularly special on paper and is similar in practice. It 123KW to play, but only after running the engine at that time can become very vocal. It is supported by torque of 225 nm, which is almost on par with the class leaders, but 2016 Holden Malibu never feels particularly hoarse. The initial accelerator response is greater than the average, but should again underway. The six-speed automatic is basic but decent enough, responding faithfully to driver and adjust accordingly. Sometimes you may be stuck in the wrong gear accelerator sudden renewal applications, and grope for a lower speed. Equivalent to a combination of transmission engine that does the job without exciting or excelling in any way. Fuel consumption is also nothing spectacular, in its 8.0 liters per 100 kilometers. In our week with the car, mainly confined to the suburbs, we found that uses about 11L / 100km.

Of $ 28.490 2016 Holden Malibu is one of midsize sedans the most affordable on the market.

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