2016 Haval H9 Specs And News

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 - Haval

2016 Haval H9 is a value for money seven 4WD SUV seats can accommodate medium size means fair comparison with their Japanese counterparts. There is no problem or no deal breaker outstanding benefits, a few interesting features and a lot of small details that make the car quite livable as a daily tool. And it is the real deal from the road, too.

2016 Haval H9 makes a first impression with a rugged interior and finishes that have a higher degree of appearance and feel. There are some elements Jar buttons gray climate control are difficult to read during the day, and digital top display panel looks like a surplus 1990. spaces between the panels and the plastic quality but a very good eye, there has neat stitching and double stitching on the seats, and all that was on their hands seems well equipped and certainly firmly attached. Although the panel settings and doors are open rattle, the second row of seats betrays some unoccupied movements amplify reverberations in the cabin on rough or undulating roads. There’s more space than you might need in the front seats, and an adjustment range that includes the length of the energy absorber, and the height, tilt, and support for the driver. The front seats are equipped with heating, cooling and simple massage function in the high-end model LUX something that money cannot buy with any degree of Montero or Prado. In the second row seats can slide forward and backward, or tilt it and head width in abundance, but you need to stir again this bank to make the most legroom. There is little space, but given the dimensions 2016 Haval H9, it seems that there should be more space there. The third row is not so with all the features, but includes “power folding”, leaving a flat floor. The base and back are flat and thin padding, but if you can convince the middle row of Scooch forward, there is enough room for two adults. Standard equipment in LUX 2016 Haval H9 includes control of three climate zones, leather seat, entry and keyless start, heated front seats with heating control, ventilation and massage, a purifying system of air, the second row of outboard seats heating, and a multi-function board computer. Infotainment is provided by an 8.0-inch touch screen that includes reading radio, CD, auxiliary input and USB, and comes with satellite navigation. Sound reproduction is via an audio system with nine speakers Infinity subwoofer.

2016 Haval H9 two-liter turbo gasoline is sensitive and calm whenever not work too hard, but even around the outskirts of the car is a low power touch. The address is unclear, as is often the case with this kind of vehicle, but it is good enough. The ride is very comfortable except for the way the car with mid-sized potholes small ledges, like a pothole is fixed here we find the temporary suspension of fight in cold blood because of depreciation rate of have low-speed, but the balance of the inherent drive ensures the interruption is more than real. Six-speed automatic is the intelligent, the engine is quiet and even the overall experience could be described as quietly smooth it’s easy to forget how fast you are traveling. A little discomfort is a slight vibration to begin (possibly specific to that vehicle, and perhaps tail shaft related) and the second shift is not as smooth or rapid as it could be.

Haval itself as a premium brand. This partly explains why the price of the seat of seven range starts 2016 Haval H9 $ 46.490 (plus on-road) to reach $ 50.990 (plus) to the specification above.

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