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Saturday, July 30th, 2016 - Ford

2016 Ford Focus made a return to us as a model of 2016, because it manages to maintain its attractiveness and commonplace features and traditional specifications. What he has achieved the popularity of cars and excitement in the past will characterized the model of the future, so there are not many changes are revolutionary car, but not good enough to allow you to get the best treatment possible and something that will provide even increase its popularity. The car will be re-launched as a sedan vehicle and also come in the form of the rear window and 5 passengers. Polling adjustments are based on the level of the S Of course, most SE and titanium upper trim too. The adjustment of the rear window is available in entry-level E, but can also be obtained as titanium level and the sports version of the ST trim. Hatchback version gains something new for this year, which is the Focus RS has a turbocharged engine, taken from Mustang, and a system of four-wheel drive

The latest version of the vehicle 2016 Ford Focus will not make a revolution in the market, but it will come with some very good and useful features. The new version continues where the previous left off and is based on the most recent additions. See the rest of the review to see what they are and to check the images provided as well.

What is inside the 2016 Ford Focus brings us an exclusive look. This is something which is highly appreciated and welcomed with a design for the newer model. There is an electroluminescent panel, which enables further personalization of the infotainment system. The center console features My Ford Touch infotainment system, available front and rear. The standard gasoline model will completely like this, as always, with the sole exception that the fuel gauge to monitor battery status. There is still a five-passenger seating configuration of cargo space, but less than in normal inside the battery consume more space. The seats are very comfortable and are upholstered with 100 percent recycled materials in fabric Repreve Ford. The standard equipment list is huge, because it controls the temperature of two zones, a security camera, Sirius satellite radio, ignition and many others. You can also use the MyFord Mobile application to connect and sync your smart phone with the vehicle as well. SYNC interface system also comes as standard and has been updated and improved for this release.

The exterior design of 2016 Ford Focus does not appear that your electric vehicle every day. Focus Electric is not easy to distinguish from its development of the basic model, but there are some differences that help determine which is which. One difference is the new and unique grille design is evident here and a new set of wheels as well. In short, it is a family car Ford subcompact with the plating company is already famous. So what we have is a nice car with a horizontal bar grille and narrow headlights. This time, the car’s flanks softened a bit and, in fact, have become softer and more flexible in recent years, resulting in a more aerodynamic car. The rear doors and silhouette is the same as before and has not changed, which is the same for models with rear hatch, but simply add the spoiler. The charging port is on the left front fender and stands out in a way that is surrounded by LED lights in use. Finally, 17-inch wheels are standard.

This year, the base engine remains the same as before. The basic version 2016 Ford Focus, as well as the SE and Titanium trims engine use line 4-cylinder 2.0-liter that will be combined with a manual transmission or 5-speed automatic transmission with switchable 6-speed is only available in titanium versions . This engine is rated at 160 horsepower and 146 lb-ft of torque and a fuel consumption of 26 mpg city / 30 combined 36 Road / or automatic 27/40/31. On the other hand, a turbocharged 3-cylinder 1.0-liter line is used within the sub-trim Focus EcoBoost SE and makes 123 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque with a manual 6-speed transmission. But if you want to go to the ST sedan packs a 2.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost I4 with the same gear shifter but with the release of 252 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque and fuel consumption rate of 23 / 32/26.

Since this year, the 2016 Focus rear window to appear again, 107 kW (143 hp) electric motor with a single-speed transmission and acquire the capacity to produce 184 lb-ft of torque will be combined is expected. But the jewel in the crown will be the adjustment will focused RS released for the first time in the US market this spring. The same engine as the European version used last year and is the 345-hp 2.3-liter turbo I4 also has 324 lb-ft of torque will be used.

Make this big car is not only the construction, the range can lead and efficiency offered by the city. Price is an important factor for the 2016 Ford Focus as it comes available in a base MSRP of $ 29.170. The vehicle will be available this year and that comes out in April, when the release date is set.

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