2016 Ferrari FF Coupe Specs And News

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 - Ferrari

2016 Ferrari FF Coupe. Everyone can remember that the Ferrari FF only launched four years ago at the 2011 Geneva Salon, the first 4WD car model ever produced. Basically, it developed as a successor to the 612 Scaglietti. The 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe is somewhat different from grand turismo, and a background brake end as traditional coupe instead of the classic Ferrari sports. The vehicle borrows characteristics similar to the 250 GT SWB Breadvan such as general appearance, the luggage capacity of up to 28 cubic feet and folding rear seats.

With the above features, both in touring and Ferrari, they tried to achieve a rare feat that approaches the performance figures short supercar. As for the Ferrari FF, a design of the rear window and a powerful V12 engine coupled to an AWD system, it makes the exotic vehicle among some exotic species there. 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe in its fourth model year, is set to receive a great face wash plans to further improve its reputation as one of a class in motor sports scene. The commentary will further speculative interest in the details that we believe will be available with the next new 2106 Ferrari FF Coupe.

Based on the photos currently reveled 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe, which will be revised a bit outside. Perhaps the exterior design will not change much and the car will retain the familiar way he used to have, will not be some improvements and minor adjustments. The car already has a familiar, one that is recognizable to most with the outside which can make someone turn his head when the car appears. A Ferrari is a 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe and uses to his advantage whenever possible. However, to improve the new version seems that most of the changes have concentrated on the front of the car. First, the gate will be shorter than before. This will not affect performance anyway, but it will do the most serious looking car than before.

The bumper has also reviewed and shows some gaps that were not present before. The vents were added placed there to provide more brake cooling and are a useful feature that aesthetics. The front fascia is the most modified car to date and you get to see a better picture when the car actually released. The rear of the car is identical except for the added diffuser. The most beautiful car is made that way and gives it a sporty feel. While production increased, there are necessarily more improvements, but so far, they are known and we hope to find more information soon.

As there is no information available on the 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe vehicle, we can only assume how they are updated. It should perhaps keep the design intact inside. The previous look was already very good, and useful features that were already a great way to look inside the car. What the car will get and above must receive for its updated mid-cycle are some new color options inside and some comfier upholstery. A leather option is also nice, so I hope he does in the production vehicle. An update cannot go without an information and entertainment system and updated by predicting that some new technology features are necessary to appear inside the car.

Under the hood of the new 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe will be a series of new performance updates. First, the 6.3L V12 return more power. Currently, the vehicle has an output of 660 horsepower and 503 pounds of torque, but with the new tweak, the vehicle will easily produce up to 700 horsepower and 530 pounds of dowry, which will be enough to keep their fans happy, but not much to enter the world of the F12berlinetta territory. With the new power, the FF will easily accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds, it could be maybe 0.1 faster than its predecessor and is not much of a significant change. The maximum speed of the vehicle is still covered at 211 mph.

Despite the push, more news is expected 3.9L V8 that has been developed for the California T. Word, he says the turbo eight pileup will hatch a new standard model for the 2016 model Ferrari FF Coupe, which will be aimed at markets often subject to stricter emission laws. This engine is capable of producing about 560 horses to California T and a surprising 659 horsepower in the GTB 488. Also on the table, they are dual clutch transmission 8-speed and all-wheel drive system.

As mainly based on the information disclosed, spy photos of Ferrari and frees scarce, we do not know when the exact release date will be. Ferrari is to keep silent about it and it seems they will be willing to talk more than the production vehicle comes to an end. Price wise 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe, the price of $ 300,000 for the previous model is a good basis for the next well.

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